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  Comprehensive, Highly Flexible  
  InfoMaker is a comprehensive and highly flexible report writer that can be used in conjunction with Factor/SQL. InfoMaker allows you to create custom reports and graphs, extracting live data from Factor/SQL. As a bonus, InfoMaker comes with a library of pre-written reports that can be utilized immediately and customized or modified as needed.

  With InfoMaker, you have the flexibility to create reports that meet the special needs of your clients. No two businesses are alike and InfoMaker can create that custom report that will distinguish your operation from the others.


More importantly it gives you a powerful tool for creating management or investor reports to evaluate your portfolio beyond what is already available in Factor/SQL.


InfoMaker Allows You to Generate a Large Number of Standard and Customized Reports Including:

Purchases and Collections Reports
Trend Reports
Concentration Reports
Check Register Reports
Audit Reports
Sorting by selected criteria
Yield / ROI Reports
Mailing Labels and Custom Forms
And much more . . .

InfoMaker is a Registered Trademark of Sybase, Inc.

For more information email factor.info@3i-infotech.com